Small Cards

This page contains all the small cards (e.g. Allies, Common Items, Mi-go Tech, Unique Items and Whispers From Akeley) which can be used with Vermont Horror. The Common and Unique Items are not mandatory, but the others will be required.

Allies (5 in total)

Walter-Gilman-Back-Face Adam McLernon Captain-John-Smythe-Front-Face Dr Lauren Knowles Lady Mumford Sgt Jack Prescott

Common Items (16 Items in total)

You should use two copies of the cards Compass, Contour Map, Fob WatchFurs, Gunpowder and Horse.

Blunderbuss Chainsaw Compass Contour Map Fob Watch Furs Gunpowder Horse Lasso Wooden Stake

Mi-go Tech (24 items in total)

The Alien Casket requires the Scientific Items from the Door to Saturn expansion, and should be removed if these items are unavailable. The Radio ability on the Comms Node allows investigators to trade clue items during the Movement Phase. Only one clue can be traded per turn, and both investigators must have the Radio ability, though they need not occupy the same location. The Radio ability can be acquired by fixing the broken radio masts (LINK) and from some of the Scientific Items in the Door to Saturn expansion. The Dream Scanner can be used independently from the Arkham Nightmare expansion, but is significantly improved if that expansion is in play. The Science Check listed on the Wormhole generator is a sub-skill check based on the Luck attribute. You will require the Portal cards to use this item.

Mi-Go Tech Back Acoustic-Capture-machine--Front-Face Alien-bacterial-culture--Front-Face Alien-Casket-Front-Face Bio-convertor--Front-FaceBlizzard-Ray-Front-Face Brain-Cylinder-Front-Face Carapace-Armour-Front-Face Comms-Node-Front-Face Cortical-Tranquilizer-Front-FaceDream-Scanner-Front-Face Flying-disc-Front-Face Growth-Hormones--Front-Face Heavy-Cutting-Laser-Front-Face Laser-Scalpel-Front-FaceLava-Drill-Front-Face Lightning-Gun-Model-C-Front-Face Mi-go-Web-Armor-Front-Face Mist-Projector-Front-Face Polymorphous-Camouflage-Front-FaceRhythm-Modulator-Front-Face Rift-Scanner-Front-Face Specimen-Recorder-Front-Face Synaptic-Stimulator--Front-Face Wormhole-Generator-Front-Face

Unique Items (13 in total)

Arcana-Coelestia-Front-Face Box-of-Delights-Front-Face Dawn-Petals-Front-Face Dead-Man's-Diamond-Front-Face Early-Edition-Front-Face Elder-Sign-Front-Face Gale-Slippers-Front-Face Masque-of-the-Red-Death-Front-Face Monkey's-Paw-Front-Face Obscura-Camera-Front-Face Silver-Mirror-Front-Face Sorcerous-Portrait-Front-Face Waters-of-Kor-Front-Face

Whispers from Akeley (32 in total)

If you are not using the Prequel Phase, at the beginning of the game place one Whisper from Akeley card on each train depot (including the train station). During the Encounter Phase, after having an encounters at a location with a Whisper, an investigator may either choose to encounter or discard the Whisper. In addition, whenever the Mining Track ticks over from 4 to 0, place a Whisper on Brattleboro Depot, unless there is already one there.

Whisper Back A-Coded-Message-From-Akeley-Front-Face A-Collection-of-Innocuous-Photos-Front-Face A-Humble-Request-Front-Face A-Single-Blank-Sheet-Front-Face A-Third-Party-Front-Face A-trap-is-Sprung-Front-Face Distressing-letter-from-Akeley--Front-Face Financial-Support-Front-Face Folksy-Letter-From-Akeley-Front-Face Gibberish Hand-Written-Letter-From-Akeley-Front-Face Hand-Written-Note-from-Akeley--Front-Face Intriguing-Note-from-Akeley--Front-Face Letter-From-Akeley-In-An-Odd-Hand-Front-Face Misdirected-Mail-Front-Face Missing-Package-from-Akeley-Front-Face Package-From-Akeley-Front-Face Postcard-from-California-Front-Face Promisary-Note-Front-Face Replacement-Letter-Front-Face Rubbings-From-Akeley-Front-Face Strange-Note-From-Akeley-Front-Face Tampered-Mail-Front-Face The-Incantation-Front-Face Torn-Scraps-Front-Face Typed-note-from-Akeley-Front-Face Typewritten-Letter-From-Akeley-Front-Face Urgent-Letter-From-Akeley-Front-Face Urgent-Telegram-from-Akeley-Front-Face Warning-From-Akeley-Front-Face Warning-Note-from-Akeley--Front-Face Wax-Cylinder-from-Akeley-Front-Face

Credits: The Whispers from Akeley were originally developed by Bob T. Additional material was added by Jacob Busby.


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