Prequel Phase

The preview phase is an optional phase which occurs before the main game begins. The Ancient One is not put into play until three timing cards (LINK) have been resolved. Instead of using Mythos cards, Preview cards are used to track the progress of the antagonists. These cards have been changed from the original cards to add Whispers from Akeley to locations, rather than adding clue tokens. The Preview Phase works well with the Leads (LINK) option in Lovecraft Country Horror, giving the players a more narrative and investigative feel to their games.

Preview The-Brotherhood-of-the-Yellow-Sign-Front-Face Search-for-Meteorite-Front-Face Rumblings-From-The-Earth-Front-Face Rail-Track-Maintenance-Front-Face Portals-to-Yuggoth-Front-Face Pennacook-Migration-Front-Face Mountain-Storms-Front-Face Mountain-Rescue-Seeks-Volunteers-Front-Face Miskatonic-Professor-lost-Front-Face Mi-go-Mist-Generator-Front-Face Lost-Soul-Front-Face Livestock-Slaughtered!-Front-Face Lights-in-the-sky-Front-Face Hikers-presumed-missing-Front-Face Gunfire-heard-in-Townshend-Front-Face Gadgets-and-Geegaws-Front-Face Engine-Breakdown-Front-Face Crop-circles-appearing!-Front-Face Citizens-take-to-the-streets-Front-Face Alignment-of-Pluto-Front-Face Alien-Sightings-Front-Face Alien-Hysteria!-Front-Face Alien-Abduction!-Front-Face Akeley's-Curse-Front-Face Yuggoth-Ascendant!-Front-Face Winged-Things-over-Arkham-Front-Face Widespread-Flooding-Front-Face Unexpected-Snowfall-Front-Face Tremors-shake-Brattleboro!-Front-Face Time-Marches-on!-Front-Face_5 Time-Marches-on!-Front-Face_4 Time-Marches-on!-Front-Face_3 Time-Marches-on!-Front-Face_2 Time-Marches-on!-Front-Face_1 Time-Marches-on!-Front-Face



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