Mythos Phase

These cards are used with the Vermont Horror Deluxe expansion, and should be shuffled in with the other Mythos cards. You will need the Phantom Rickshaw (LINK) monster token to use the Mythos card Straight out of a Book…

Mythos-Card-Back-Face Alien-Experimentation-Front-Face Alien-Invasion!-Front-Face An-Insidious-Scheme-Front-Face It-came-from-beyond-the-stars...-Front-Face Last-Post-Front-FaceMarsh-Gas-Front-Face New-Constellation-Appears-Front-Face Sleeper-Agent-Front-Face Stop-the-Presses....-Front-Face Straight-out-of-a-Book...-Front-Face Strange-Sightings-2 Strange-Sightings-Front-Face The-Infernal-Machine-Front-Face The-Opener-of-Ways-Front-Face


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