These monsters have been given the appellation Mi-go to help with sorting them into their own cup. The start text indicates where the monster will come into play. Ignore this text if the monster is drawn outside of the Mythos Phase (e.g. you are instructed to draw a monster from the Mi-go cup as a result of an encounter). Should the location not exist in the current game (e.g. you draw a Mi-go which would spawn in Innsmouth but you are not using the Innsmouth Horror expansion) discard the monster and draw again.

You will need five copies of the Mi-go Technician, five copies of the Mi-go Scout, three copies of the Mi-go Worker and five copies of the Mi-go soldier. The latter is a spawn monster and should be set aside until you are instructed to put it into play. The Mi-go Researchers, Agents and Activists given below are also distinct and start in different locations, so will require printing out separately.

Walter-Brown-Front-Face Walter-Brown-Back-Face

Mister-Noyes-Front-Face Mister-Noyes-Back-Face

Mi-go-Worker-Front-Face Mi-go-Worker-Back-Face

Mi-go-Technician-Front-Face Mi-go-Technician-Back-Face

Mi-go-Soldier-Front-Face Mi-go-Soldier-Back-Face

Mi-go-Scout-Front-Face Mi-go-Scout-Back-Face

Mi-go-Researcher-Front-Face_9 Mi-go-Researcher-Back-Face_8

Mi-go-Researcher-Front-Face_8 Mi-go-Researcher-Back-Face_7

Mi-go-Researcher-Front-Face_7 Mi-go-Researcher-Back-Face_6

Mi-go-Researcher-Front-Face_6 Mi-go-Researcher-Back-Face_5

Mi-go-Researcher-Front-Face_5 Mi-go-Researcher-Back-Face_4

Mi-go-Researcher-Front-Face_4 Mi-go-Researcher-Back-Face_3

Mi-go-Researcher-Front-Face_3 Mi-go-Researcher-Back-Face_2

Mi-go-Researcher-Front-Face_2 Mi-go-Researcher-Back-Face_1

Mi-go-Researcher-Front-Face_1 Mi-go-Researcher-Back-Face

Mi-go-Researcher-Front-Face Mi-go-Researcher-Back-Face_9

Mi-go-Priest-Front-Face Mi-go-Priest-Back-Face

Mi-go-Commander-Front-Face Mi-go-Commander-Back-Face

Mi-go-Agent-Front-Face Mi-go-Agent-Back-Face_5

Mi-go-Agent-Front-Face Mi-go-Agent-Back-Face_4

Mi-go-Agent-Front-Face Mi-go-Agent-Back-Face_3

Mi-go-Agent-Front-Face Mi-go-Agent-Back-Face_2

Mi-go-Agent-Front-Face Mi-go-Agent-Back-Face_1

Mi-go-Agent-Front-Face Mi-go-Agent-Back-Face

Mi-go-Activist-Front-Face Mi-go-Activist-Back-Face_3

Mi-go-Activist-Front-Face Mi-go-Activist-Back-Face_2

Mi-go-Activist-Front-Face Mi-go-Activist-Back-Face_1

Mi-go-Activist-Front-Face Mi-go-Activist-Back-Face

The Phantom Rickshaw spawn monster is used with the Straight out of a Book… Mythos card. It was added to this set for flavour as Rudyard Kipling lived in Brattleboro from 1892 – 1896.

Phantom-Rickshaw-Front-Face Phantom-Rickshaw-Back-Face

Credits: The mi-go monsters were mostly created by Hal Eccles, with a few additions by myself. Walter Brown is taken from the Whispers in Darkness casebook by Jocularis.

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