Other Material

Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign

Only one copy of this card is required. An investigator can acquire this card by discarding a blessing at Grafton Ponds.

Brother-of-the-Yellow-Sign-Back-Face Brother-of-the-Yellow-Sign-Front-Face

Conditions (6 cards in total)

The following conditions can be activated by players during the game. Each card is double sided. You will need three copies of the Brain Transplant condition.

Mountain-Rescue-Volunteer-Front-Face Insane-Insight-Front-Face Yuggoth-Nexus-Front-Face Brain-Transplant-Front-Face

Damaged Radio Masts (3 double sided cards)

These cards are double sided. Each card should start the game in play on the red side, but can be flipped to the blue side by passing the Science check. Science checks are based on the Luck attribute. The Radio ability allows a player, once per turn, to give or take a clue token from another player with the Radio ability.

Radio-Mast-Damaged-(Miskatonic-University)-Front-Face Radio-Mast-Repaired-(University)-Front-Face

Radio-Mast-Damaged-(Ranger-Station)-Front-Face Radio-Mast-Repaired-(Ranger-Station)-Front-Face

Radio-Mast-Damaged-(Wireless-Station)-Front-Face Radio-Mast-Repaired-(Wireless-Station)-Front-Face

Gate Token

If you are using the deluxe board, you will need one gate token.

Antarctica-Back-Face Yuggoth-Mine-Front-Face

Mi-go Mining Colony

This herald is optional. If used it will show the Mi-go at their most formidable.

Mining Colony

Mi-go Mining Effects

This card is double-sided. Each time the Mi-go Mining track cycles from 4 to 0, roll 2 dice, sum the result and then subtract the current mine depth. This may cause a gate to open somewhere in Vermont, in which case follow all the normal rules for opening gates. This card is double-sided. The green side represents the consequences of Mi-go Mining during a typical game, the red side represents the consequences of Mi-go mining during a game with the Mi-go Mining Colony Herald. You will need the Mining Depth tokens to use this card.

Mi Go Mining Easy Mi Go Mining Hard

Mining Depth Tokens

The Mining depth tokens are double sided, so that you can flip them when the depth increases. During the Prequel Phase use the dash token. when the Prequel is complete, flip the token to the zero depth side. Each time the Mi-go Mining Effects instruct you to remove a depth token, increase the depth by one, to a maximum of four.

Depth Preview   Depth 0  Depth 1  Depth 2   Depth 3  Depth 4


Portal Cards (2 double-sided cards)

This card is double sided with the front being the same as the back. You will need two copies of this card.


Timing Cards (3 double-sided cards)

These cards are used during the Prequel Phase to track the progress of time.

Timing Card 1 Great-Seal-Disturbed-Front-Face

Timing Card 2 Great-Seal-Damaged-Front-Face

Timing Card 3 The-Ancient-One-Stirs!-Front-Face


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