Tokens and Conditions


The Ascended condition is double-sided, with Sleepless being the other side. This Sleepless condition differs from the original design, because games with few investigators are unfairly penalised should a player being permanently locked out of the Dreamlands. You will need eight copies of this card.

The Explorers of the White Ship condition should be used with the Kingsport Horror expansion. If an investigator becomes the Captain of the White Ship, they gain the Explorers of the White Ship condition also.

Ascended-Front-Face Sleepless-Front-Face Explorers-of-the-White-Ship-Front-Face


You will require two copies of each token. Should you investigator sleep, place one token beside your investigator sheet as a reminder and place the corresponding one on your current location, then move to the Dreaming location on the Arkham Nightmare board. 

Dreaming-A-Front-Face Dreaming-B-Front-Face Dreaming-C-Front-Face Dreaming-D-Front-Face Dreaming-E-Front-Face Dreaming-F-Front-Face Dreaming-G-Front-Face Dreaming-H-Front-Face Dreaming-I-Front-Face Dreaming-J-Front-Face Dreaming-K-Front-Face Dreaming-L-Front-Face Dreaming-M-Front-Face Dreaming-N-Front-Face

Nightmare Tokens

You will need four nightmare tokens in total. If you are playing a 1-3 player game, four tokens are required to trigger a nightmare card. In a 4-6 player game, three tokens are required to trigger a nightmare card and in a 7-8 player game only two tokens are required to fill the nightmare track. Remember that in addition to the normal token added to the track during the Mythos Phase, a token is also added whenever a gate does not open because a location is sealed.


Hypnos Tokens

These tokens are only required if you are using the extra Visions of Hypnos cards (LINK) which come with this expansion. You will need twelve of them.




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