These monsters have been given the Dreamlands appellation in order to make it easier to sort them into their own cup. You will need two copies of Agent of Leng, Ghast, Ghoul, Leng Savage, Moonbeast, Nightgaunt, Shantak and Zoog. Yath-Lhi is a spawn monster to be used with the Yath-Lhi Rises plot.

Flying monsters move to the Moon and from there onto investigators in unstable locations, in much the same way that their counterparts on the regular board move to the Sky.

Agent-of-Leng-Front-Face Agent-of-Leng-Back-Face

Basilisk-Front-Face Basilisk-Back-Face

Black-Galley-Front-Face Black-Galley-Back-Face

Bringer-of-Pests-Front-Face Bringer-of-Pests-Back-Face

Cat-from-Saturn-Front-Face Cat-from-Saturn-Back-Face

Cats-of-Ulthar-Front-Face Cats-of-Ulthar-Back-Face

Cultist-Front-Face Cultist-Back-Face

Dark-Dreamer-Front-Face Dark-Dreamer-Back-Face

Dhole-Front-Face Dhole-Back-Face

Echo-of-Ib-Front-Face Echo-of-Ib-Back-Face

Ghast-Front-Face Ghast-Back-Face

Ghoul-Front-Face Ghoul-Back-Face

Gug-Front-Face Gug-Back-Face

Haemophore-Front-Face Haemophore-Back-Face

Leng-Savage-Front-Face Leng-Savage-Back-Face

Haon-Dor-Front-Face Haon-Dor-Back-Face

Leng-Spider-Front-Face Leng-Spider-Back-Face

Magah-Bird-Front-Face Magah-Bird-Back-Face

Manticore-Front-Face Manticore-Back-Face

Mimis-Front-Face Mimis-Back-Face

Minion-of-Karakal-Front-Face Minion-of-Karakal-Back-Face

Moonbeast-Front-Face Moonbeast-Back-Face

Nightgaunt-Front-Face Nightgaunt-Back-Face

Patriarch-of-the-Gugs-Front-Face Patriarch-of-the-Gugs-Back-Face

Possessed-Knight-Front-Face Possessed-Knight-Back-Face

Shade-Front-Face Shade-Back-Face

Shantak-Front-Face Shantak-Back-Face

The-Eidolon-Lathi-Front-Face The-Eidolon-Lathi-Back-Face

Their-Soul-and-Messenger-Front-Face Their-Soul-and-Messenger-Back-Face

The-Spiraling-Worm-Front-Face The-Spiraling-Worm-Back-Face

The-Thing-Hanging-in-the-Void-Front-Face The-Thing-Hanging-in-the-Void-Back-Face

Thing-in-the-Yellow-Mask-Front-Face Thing-in-the-Yellow-Mask-Back-Face

Voonith-Front-Face Voonith-Back-Face

Wamp-Front-Face Wamp-Back-Face

Yath-Lhi-Front-Face Yath-Lhi-Back-Face

Yellow-Priest-Front-Face Yellow-Priest-Back-Face

Zoog-Front-Face Zoog-Back-Face

Credits: The vast majority of these monsters were created by Michael Hunter. Some additions have been added from Lovecraft Country Horror and the (other) Dreamlands expansion by Tomshwag. The Mimis comes from the Masks of Nyarlathotep expansion.


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