This page contains the necessary tokens for the Lovecraft Country Horror expansion. It has been split into Gate Markers and Other Tokens.

Gate Markers

You should use two copies of the gates to K’n-Yan and Ulthar and three copies of the Unknown gate.

Antarctica-Back-Face Kn-Yan-Front-Face

Antarctica-Back-Face Ulthar-Front-Face

Antarctica-Back-Face Unknown-Front-Face


If you are using the Deluxe version of Lovecraft Country Horror (which connects to Vermont Horror), you should also add in one gate to the Yuggoth Mine.


Antarctica-Back-Face Yuggoth-Mine-Front-Face


If you are using any of the official Fantasy flight games expansions, you should add in the following gates. Investigators who pass through these gates automatically reach the listed location, but are delayed. The gate is closed and taken as a trophy but it cannot be sealed.


Antarctica-Back-Face Sentinel-Hill-Front-Face

Antarctica-Back-Face Strange-High-House-in-the-Mists-Front-Face

Antarctica-Back-Face Yha-nthlei-Front-Face


Other Tokens

12 Rhythm tokens are required for use with the investigator Isabella Hargreaves.


12 Investment tokens are required for use the investigator Angelina Everett.


40 Music Tokens are required for use with the Ancient One Tru’Nembra.


20 Isis Tokens are required for use with the guardian Isis.


Poison is a common feature in many expansions, but different expansions handled it in different ways, so I have amalgamated the mechanics into one unifying mechanic. You will want about 20 Poison tokens, as well as the 8 copies of the Poisoned condition (LINK). The design for these tokens comes from the Door To Saturn (LINK) expansion.

Poison token


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