Each monster is double-sided. You will need 2 copies of Being from Xicotl, Devoted One, Lodge Initiate, Oathswearer of Dagon, One of the Thousand and Shantak. Several monsters which were in earlier versions of this expansion have been moved to the Arkham Nightmare instead. The only monster which is required for play is the Martin’s Beach Horror. The Tindalosian Pack is required for use with the Tindalosian Ichor item, whereas the Hu-ghoul is required for use with the Consume Likeness spell.

Aku-Shin-Kage-Back-Face Aku-Shin-Kage-Front-Face

Banshee-Back-Face Banshee-Front-Face

Being-from-Xiclotl-Back-Face Being-from-Xiclotl-Front-Face

Devoted-One-Back-Face Devoted-One-Front-Face

Golem-Back-Face Golem-Front-Face

Hu-Ghoul-Back-Face Hu-Ghoul-Front-Face

Lodge-Initiate-Back-Face Lodge-Initiate-Front-Face

Martins-Beach-Horror-Back-Face Martins-Beach-Horror-Front-Face

Men-From-Leng-Back-Face Men-From-Leng-Front-Face

Oathswearer-of-Dagon-Back-Face Oathswearer-of-Dagon-Front-Face

One-of-the-Thousand-Back-Face One-of-the-Thousand-Front-Face

Poltergeist-Back-Face Poltergeist-Front-Face

Revenant-Back-Face Revenant-Front-Face

Sand-Dweller-Back-Face Sand-Dweller-Front-Face

Scarecrow-Back-Face Scarecrow-Front-Face

Shantak-Back-Face Shantak-Front-Face

Spy-Back-Face Spy-Front-Face

The-Tick-Tock-Man-Back-Face The-Tick-Tock-Man-Front-Face

Tindalosian-Pack-Back-Face Tindalosian-Pack-Front-Face

Will-O-The-Wisp-Back-Face Will-O-The-Wisp-Front-Face

Ym-bhi-Back-Face Ym-bhi-Front-Face

Zoog-Back-Face Zoog-Front-Face


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