Heralds and Guardians

This page contains the new Guardians, Heralds , Cults and Institutions for use with the Lovecraft Country Horror expansion. Cults are a new concept in Arkham Horror. They are the inverse of Institutions, humans who are dedicated to the promotion the Mythos instead of aiding the investigators against it. Three of these cults are loosely based on the promotional material which was released by Fantasy Flight Games as part of their Arkham Nights convention. Consultative Detectives Inc. is based on an idea I once saw in the Arkham Horror Forums.


To use Isis you will need about 20 Isis Tokens.





Brotherhood-of-the-Yellow-Sign-Front-Face New-World-Industries-Front-Face The-Cult-of-the-Crimson-Sands-Front-Face The-Cult-of-Starry-Wisdom-Front-Face The-Forked-Tongue-Front-Face


Arkham-Chamber-of-Commerce-Front-Face Consultative-Detectives-Inc.-Front-FaceEye-of-Amara-Front-Face The-Church-Front-FaceThe-School-of-Paranormal-Science-Front-Face


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