Monsters from the Door to Saturn expansion

All monsters are singular except for Crinoid Specimen (2), Giant Albino Penguin (3), Heat Lizard (2), Mi-go Scientist (3), Nameless Reptile (2), Sea Shoggoth (2), Ur-Shoggoth (2), Vombis Leech (3), Yekubian (2) and Yugg (2).

Argzoon-Back-Face Argzoon-Front-Face Basatan-Back-Face Basatan-Front-Face Corpse-Sentry-Back-Face Corpse-Sentry-Front-Face

Crinoid-Specimen-Back-Face Crinoid-Specimen-Front-Face Giant-Albino-Penguin-Back-Face Giant-Albino-Penguin-Front-Face Heat-Lizard-Back-Face Heat-Lizard-Front-Face

Horla-Back-Face Horla-Front-Face Hunter-from-Beyond-Back-Face Hunter-from-Beyond-Front-Face Mercurial-Ghoul-Back-Face Mercurial-Ghoul-Front-Face

Mi-Go-Scientist-Back-Face Mi-Go-Scientist-Front-Face Mimic-Thing-Back-Face Mimic-Thing-Front-Face Nameless-Reptile-Back-Face Nameless-Reptile-Front-Face

Sea-Shoggoth-Back-Face Sea-Shoggoth-Front-Face Sir-Amery-Wendy-Smith-Back-Face Sir-Amery-Wendy-Smith-Front-Face  Ur-Shoggoth-Back-Face Ur-Shoggoth-Front-Face

Vombis-Leech-Back-Face Vombis-Leech-Front-Face Yekubian-Back-Face Yekubian-Front-Face Yugg-Back-Face Yugg-Front-Face

Spawn Monsters

The Shining One is required for the Oceania expedition. You will need 6 copies of the Spiralling Worm Cannibal for the Africa expedition, and 8 copies of the Protoplasm monster for Ubbo-Sathla Ancient One.

Protoplasm-Back-Face Protoplasm-Front-Face Spiralling-Worm-Cannibal-Back-Face Spiralling-Worm-Cannibal-Front-Face The-Shining-One-Back-Face The-Shining-One-Front-Face

Quick Print File

This file contains all the images for the monsters for the Door to Saturn expansion. Print it out, mount the images onto card, carefully mapping the fronts and backs of each monster.

Door to Saturn Monsters


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