Expedition Preparations

Expedition Preparations reflect the investigator’s attempts to research the target of their expedition before they set off. Form a pool of expedition tokens before the game begins. Use four tokens for 1-2 investigators, three tokens for 3-4 investigators, two tokens for 5-6 investigators, and one token if there are seven or more investigators. As an optional rule, you may decide that Ursula Downs and Leo Anderson begin the game with an expedition token (from outside of the pool).

Expedition Tokens can be acquired by following the instructions on the preparation card. After drawing an encounter on an expedition, but before resolving it, an investigator may discard their expedition token to discard the encounter and draw anew one. In this fashion, an investigator who has performed sufficient research beforehand is more likely to locate hidden areas on an expedition board than one who has taken made such provision.

The Travel Office section details how an investigator may travel to a specific expedition. The Vanguard section of the card details the monster which will guard the first gate in the game. This is mainly for flavour. Some expeditions grant the investigators extra powers, such as the ability to acquire additional Scientific Items or to move to or from specific Other Worlds or other expansion boards.

The expeditions have also been graded in difficulty. The Doom Tokens which are added to expedition boards will thus extend the Doom Track of the relevant Ancient One, but they will also make the Ancient One that much harder to defeat in the Final Battle.







You will need a maximum of six of these tokens.

Expedition Token

Quick Print File

Expedition Preparations


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