In addition to the investigators given below, investigators are also available as part of the Lovecraft Country Horror and Vermont Horror expansions.

8 Thematic Investigators

The 8 Thematic Investigators pack was devised by Soakman.

Anna-Anderson-Front-Face  Anna-Anderson-Back-Face  Anna-Anderson-Marker

Anna-Anderson-Front-Face Anna-Anderson-Back-Face Anna-Anderson-Back-Face-2 Anna-Anderson-Front-Face-2

Anton-Pavel-Front-Face  Anton-Pavel-Back-Face  Anton-Pavel-Marker

Anton-Pavel-Front-Face Anton-Pavel-Back-Face Anton-Pavel-Back-Face-2 Anton-Pavel-Front-Face-2

Astrid-Lee-Front-Face  Astrid-Lee-Back-Face  Astrid-Lee-Marker

Astrid-Lee-Front-Face Astrid-Lee-Back-Face Astrid-Lee-Back-Face-2 Astrid-Lee-Front-Face-2

Edmund-Moore-Front-Face  Edmund-Moore-Back-Face  Edmund-Moore-Marker

Edmund-Moore-Front-Face Edmund-Moore-Back-Face Edmund-Moore-Back-Face-2 Edmund-Moore-Front-Face-2

Eunice-Goulding-Front-Face  Eunice-Goulding-Back-Face  Eunice-Goulding-Marker

Eunice-Goulding-Front-Face Eunice-Goulding-Back-Face Eunice-Goulding-Back-Face-2 Eunice-Goulding-Front-Face-2

Hosea-Mayhew-Front-Face  Hosea-Mayhew-Back-Face  Hosea-Mayhew-Marker

Hosea-Mayhew-Front-Face Hosea-Mayhew-Back-Face Hosea-Mayhew-Back-Face-2 Hosea-Mayhew-Front-Face-2

Obi-Laveau-Front-Face Obi-Laveau-Back-Face Obi-Laveau-Marker

Obi-Laveau-Front-Face Obi-Laveau-Back-Face Obi-Laveau-Back-Face-2 Obi-Laveau-Front-Face-2

Sadie-Godfrey-Front-Face  Sadie-Godfrey-Back-Face  Sadie-Godfrey-Marker

Sadie-Godfrey-Front-Face Sadie-Godfrey-Back-Face Sadie-Godfrey-Back-Face-2 Sadie-Godfrey-Front-Face-2

Credits: Soakman

16 Custom Investigators

The 16 Custom Investigators was devised by Chris Thibodeau. You will need the Scythe to use Paul Johnson, the Occult Foundation for Paula Shier and the Missing Statue task for the Dan Lameko. Other requirements are shown in the table below:

16 CIs Requirements Sheet

Amelia Front Amelia Back

Amelia-Bryant-Front-Face Amelia-Bryant-Back-Face Amelia-Bryant-Back-Face-2 Amelia-Bryant-Front-Face-2

Bruce-Ori-Puttman-Front-Face  Bruce-Ori-Puttman-Back-Face  Bruce-Ori-Puttman-Marker

Bruce-Ori-Puttman-Front-Face Bruce-Ori-Puttman-Back-Face Bruce-Ori-Puttman-Back-Face-2 Bruce-Ori-Puttman-Front-Face-2

Ann Front Ann Back

Ann-Sanders-Front-Face Ann-Sanders-Back-Face Ann-Sanders-Back-Face-2 Ann-Sanders-Front-Face-2

Cindy Front Cindy Back

Cindy-Taylor-Front-Face Cindy-Taylor-Back-Face Cindy-Taylor-Back-Face-2 Cindy-Taylor-Front-Face-2

Dan Front Dan Back

Dan-Lameko-Front-Face Dan-Lameko-Back-Face Dan-Lameko-Back-Face-2 Dan-Lameko-Front-Face-2

Hazel-Wilson-Front-Face Hazel-Wilson-Back-Face

Hazel-Wilson-Front-Face Hazel-Wilson-Back-Face Hazel-Wilson-Back-Face-2 Hazel-Wilson-Front-Face-2

Ian Front Ian Back

Ian-Daniels-Front-Face Ian-Daniels-Back-Face Ian-Daniels-Back-Face-2 Ian-Daniels-Front-Face-2

Laura Front Laura Back

Laura-Deuel-Front-Face Laura-Deuel-Back-Face Laura-Deuel-Back-Face-2 Laura-Deuel-Front-Face-2

Miles Front Miles Back

Miles-Dell-Front-Face Miles-Dell-Back-Face Miles-Dell-Back-Face-2 Miles-Dell-Front-Face-2

Paul Front Paul Back

Paul-Johnson-Front-Face Paul-Johnson-Back-Face Paul-Johnson-Back-Face-2 Paul-Johnson-Front-Face-2

Paula Front Paula Back

Paula-Shier-Front-Face Paula-Shier-Back-Face Paula-Shier-Back-Face-2 Paula-Shier-Front-Face-2

Rachel Front Rachel Back

Rachel-Garett-Front-Face Rachel-Garett-Back-Face Rachel-Garett-Back-Face-2 Rachel-Garett-Front-Face-2

Regina Front Regina Back

Regina-Atwater-Front-Face Regina-Atwater-Back-Face Regina-Atwater-Back-Face-2 Regina-Atwater-Front-Face-2

Rhiannon Front Rhiannon Back

Rhiannon-Carpenter-Front-Face Rhiannon-Carpenter-Back-Face Rhiannon-Carpenter-Back-Face-2 Rhiannon-Carpenter-Front-Face-2

Sabrina Front Sabrina Back

Sabrina-Monroe-Front-Face Sabrina-Monroe-Back-Face Sabrina-Monroe-Back-Face-2 Sabrina-Monroe-Front-Face-2

Victor Front Victor Back

Viktor-Ivanov-Front-Face Viktor-Ivanov-Back-Face Viktor-Ivanov-Back-Face-2 Viktor-Ivanov-Front-Face-2

Credits: Chris Thibodeau

Dark Corners of the Earth

Jack-Walters-Front-Face Jack Walters Story So Far

Jack Walters - PS Jack Walters - Criteria Jack Walters - Fail Jack Walters - Pass

Lucas-Mackey-Front-Face Lucas Mackey Story So Far Lucas-Mackey-Character-Marker

Lucas Mackey PS Lucas Mackey - Criteria Lucas Mackey - Fail Lucas Mackey Pass

Rebecca Lawrence - Front  Rebecca Lawrence - Back

Rebecca Lawrence PS Rebecca Lawrence PS2 Rebecca Lawrence PS - Fail Rebecca Lawrence - PS Pass

Credits: Bryant Browning

Curse of the Golden Scarab Investigators

Sue-Weatherby-Front-Face Sue-Weatherby-Back-Face Sue-Weatherby-Character-Marker

Cyrus-Crookes-Front-Face Cyrus-Crookes-Back-Face Cyrus-Crookes-Character-Marker

Harriet-Klaus-Front-Face Harriet-Klaus-Back-Face Harriet-Klaus-Marker

Jack-Halman-Front-Face  Jack-Halman-Back-Face  Jack-Halman-Character-Marker

Marie Et-Neit Front Marie Et-Neit Back Marie-Et-Neit-Marker

Marie Et-Neit PS Story Marie Et-Neit PS Conditions Marie Et-Neit PS Fail Marie Et-Neit PS Pass

Janice-Hathaway-Front-Face Janice-Hathaway-Back-Face Janice-Hathaway-Marker

Jon Whitefeather Front Jon Whitefeather Back Jon-Whitefeather-Marker

Jon Whitefeather PS Story Jon Whitefeather PS Conditions Jon Whitefeather PS Fail Jon Whitefeather PS Pass

Horace Falconer Front Horace Falconer Back Horace-Falconer-Marker

Horace Falconer PS Story Horace Falconer PS Conditions Horace Falconer PS Fail Horace Falconer PS Pass

Credits: Tim Wilkington Lewis. The story so far and personal stories for Marie Et-Neit, Jon Whitefeather and Horace Falconer were written by Jacob Busby.

Other Investigators



Credits: Tristan Hall

Archie Ebbing Back Archie ebbing Front Archie ebbing Marker

Eva Morgan Back Eva Morgan Front Eva Morgan Marker

Credits: Dizzy Fugu


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