Exhibit Items

The Gilman Memorial Wing

You should use two copies of Embalming Fluid and Heka Blade, and three copies of the Private Showing Invitation. This material was originally part of the Gilman Memorial Wing on the Strange Eons website.

Exhibit Back Ceremonial-Khopesh-Front-Face Egyptian-Crescent-Axe-Front-Face Embalming-Fluid 1 Funerary-Urns-Front-FaceGlyphs-of-Nesperennub-Front-Face Heka-Blade 1 Howard-Carter's-Notebook-Front-Face Ivory-Wand-Front-Face Litany-of-Ra-Front-Face Mummified-Cat-Front-Face Private-Showing-Invitation 1 Scarab-Talisman-Front-Face Statuette-of-the-Priest-of-Onuris-Front-Face The-Funerary-Mask-of-Nephren-Ka-Front-Face The-Proclamation-of-Bubastis-Front-Face The-Seven-Means-of-Ptah-Front-Face The-Westcar-Papyrus-Front-Face Triune-Mask-The-Mask-of-the-Three-Fates-Front-Face Waxen-Prayer-Animal-Front-Face Wedjat-eye-Amulet-Front-Face

Credits: Chris Jennings. Some names have been changes to prevent naming conflicts.

Curse of the Golden Scarab

TO DO: Note quantities

Exhibit Back Aegyptus-Emblem-Front-Face The-Secret-Chamber-Front-Face Stygian-Dagger-Front-Face Spells-of-Coming-Forth-Front-Face Shining-Trapezohedron-Front-Face Rod-of-Sarnath-Front-Face Ring-of-Set-Front-Face Reliquary-of-Leng-Front-Face Pharaonic-Khopesh-Front-Face Osiris-Glaive-Front-Face Mirror-of-Nitocris-Front-Face Mask-of-the-Black-Ram-Front-Face Mark-of-Bast-Front-Face Litany-of-Re-Front-Face Last-Mask-of-Ramases-Front-Face Jackal-Statue-Front-Face Headdress-of-Geb-Front-Face Golden-Fang-of-Apep-Front-Face Flask-of-the-Elder-Front-Face Feather-of-Ma'at-Front-Face Face-of-Ahtu-Front-Face Canopic-Jars-Front-Face Book-of-the-Celestial-Cow-Front-Face Book-of-Anubis-Front-Face Bloody-Tongue-Front-Face Armour-of-Osiris-Front-Face Aldebaran-Key-Front-Face

Credits: Tim Wilkington-Lewis

Other Exhibit Items

Ankh-of-Nephren-Ka-Front-Face Fifth-Scarab-of-Amenhotep-Front-Face Urn-of-Osiris-Front-Face

Replacement Cards

These cards have been changed so that they will function better with the custom expansions. You will need four copies of the Eye of Light and Darkness. The Pharaoh’s Sceptre cards should replace the Twin Sceptres card from the Miskatonic Horror expansion.

Eye-of-Light-and-Darkness-Front-Face Pharaoh's-Sceptre 2 Pharaoh's-Sceptre-Front-Face


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